2023 Bushel Buddy Seat Conference

You're invited to hop in the buddy seat of the tractor and ride along with us for the Bushel Buddy Seat Conference on June 7, 2023 in Fargo, ND. Don't miss out on the opportunity for in-person learning, camaraderie, and fun with industry peers from all around the US and Canada.

Register via our secure online event page hosted by Eventbrite. For those interested in attending the 2023 Cultivate Conference on June 8, joint passes for the Bushel Buddy Seat and Cultivate are available at a discounted rate. 

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  • Wednesday, June 7
    • Bushel Buddy Seat Conference 8 am - 5 pm
    • Shindig Alley Party 6 - 10 pm


Jasper Hotel

215 Broadway N, Fargo, ND 58102

  • Rate: $169/night
  • To book online, visit: Jasper Hotel or call the Jasper at (701) 532-2150 to book and mention the Bushel Group June 2023
  • Blocked Bushel rooms cut off date: May 7
Radisson Blu

201 5th St N, Fargo, ND 58102

  • Rate: $149/night
  • Book online by using BUSHEL in the promotional code field after selecting your travel dates or call the hotel directly at (701) 232-7363 and refer to the Bushel Conference block.
  • Complimentary airport shuttle service available.
  • Blocked Bushel rooms cut off date: May 12


Local Airport: Hector International Airport - Fargo, ND

Transportation: Ground transportation through Uber and Lyft available. Conference venues and hotels are all within walking distance of downtown Fargo. 

Tuesday, June 6

4:00-6pm    Welcome Social (Jasper Hotel, 5th Floor)


Wednesday, June 7

7:30am      Breakfast (Jasper Hotel)

8:30am     Registration (Fargo Theatre)

9:00am      Welcome to Bushel Buddy Seat!

Hear from Bushel's CEO as we kick off Bushel's Buddy Seat Conference.


9:20am       Sustainable Agriculture: The Next Steps with More Financial Incentives

Allison Nepveux (Bayer)


9:35am       Hello HAL 9000: Welcome to Artificial Intelligence in Agriculture

Nathan Joraanstad, Director of Engineering (Bushel)

In December 2022, OpenAI released ChatGPT to the public and the world of artificial intelligence changed overnight. We'll share what the Bushel team has learned about AI, what use cases are surfacing in agriculture, and what to be cautious of at your organizations with AI.


9:50am    Sneak Peek

Jake Joraanstad, CEO (Bushel)


10:05am     Bushel Buddy Seat Ride-A-Long: View From the Farmer Seat

Kellie Livernois, Director of Farm Success  (Bushel)

Join Bushel as we talk about the ROI and value that Bushel brings to Farmers.


10:15am      Networking Break

11:20am     Bushel Buddy Seat Ride-A-Long: The View from the Grain Originator Buddy Seat

Lacey Seibert, Director of Sales Enablement (Bushel), Tom Parchert (Big River Resources)

Join Bushel as we talk about the ROI and value that Bushel brings to Grain Originators.


11:35am     What The Jetsons, The Flintstones, and Farmers Have in Common in Agriculture

Moderator: Kellie Livernois, Director of Farm Success (Bushel), Quentin Connealy

Farmers might be living in the space age with some of the advancements brought on through agtech…but they’re living in the stone age for others. Why, in 2023, do farmers still need to get physical checks for grain? Why are farmers manually entering contract data that is already digitized in another system? Learn what farmers are asking for when it comes to managing their business practices.


11:40am      Sponsor Spotlight:  Ever.Ag


11:45            Lunch & Demo Time (Jasper Hotel)

Take a break, enjoy lunch, network, and engage with product demo stations to get a deeper dive into Bushel's digital tools. 


1:00pm        Oh, Hack No: Keeping Your Agribusiness and Farmers Safe From Cybersecurity Threats

Michael Gregg, Chief Security and Information Officer (State of North Dakota)

Cyber attacks are on the rise, especially in the food supply chain. Cyber criminals are seeking weaknesses for many types of attacks including denial of service, theft of sensitive data and ransomware attacks. What systems are most at risk? How can you strengthen your walls to make sure you keep hackers at bay and out of your tech stack.


1:30pm         Bushel Buddy Seat Ride-A-Long: The View from the Security and Compliance Seat

Randy Gerhold, CTO (Bushel)

Join us as we talk about the SOCII compliance work that Bushel has been deploying and the value that brings to our network of customers.


1:40pm        Sponsor Spotlight: Marex Solutions


1:45pm      Bushel Buddy Seat Ride-A-Long: The View from the Grain Merchandiser Seat

Colette Bersie, Product Manager (Bushel),  Neil Schuller (The Andersons)

Join Bushel as we talk about the ROI and value that Bushel brings to Grain Merchandisers.


1:55pm     Bushel's 2023 State of the Farm Report Highlights

Julie Christensen, Product Marketer (Bushel)

Sneak Peek! Hear helpful and interesting insights from 1,000+ farmers that participated in Bushel's 2023 State of Farm survey.


2:15pm      Key Trends in Agriculture - Cutting Through the Noise and Preparing for the Future

Brent Gloy (Ag Economic Insights)

Because change in agriculture can often seem slow and insignificant, it is important to step back on occasion and consider the big-picture changes. Even subtle, small changes – when consistent and acting over a long enough period – can produce profound impacts on businesses, business relationships, industries, and entire economies. From aging farmers to automation and technology, this session will encourage you to think outside of the box about your future, your business, and your customers.


3:00            Networking Break

Grab some movie theatre popcorn for an afternoon snack.


3:20pm       Sponsor Spotlight: VeriGrain


3:25pm      Bushel Buddy Seat Ride-A-Long: The View from the Accountant Seat

Join us as we talk about the ROI and value that Bushel brings to Accountants.


3:35pm       Bushel Buddy Seat Ride-A-Long: The View from the Ag Retailer Seat

Mary Tangen, VP of Product (Bushel), Bryan Choutka (Frontier Cooperative)

Join us as we talk about the ROI and value that Bushel brings to Ag Retailers.


3:45pm       Would You Like Fries With That? Supersized Tech Stacks in Agriculture That Focus on Organizing the “Messy Middle”

Allie Hagberg (Big River Resources), Mike Hainline (Agriservices of Brunswick), Jack Vincent (Scoular), Cory Winstead (FS Grain), moderated by Bushel's VP of  Customer Experience Benny Andres

In six short years, Bushel saw agribusiness of all sizes go from, “We don’t need this technology,” to “What else can Bushel provide us?” Join a panel of Bushel’s customers as they discuss what keeps their business engaged with Bushel’s tools and what they are challenging Bushel to tackle next. This panel will also discuss what else they are using in their tech stack to power their operations. 


4:30pm      Beer:30 Story Time: Sticky Notes, Baseball Hats, and Digital Notifications -- Classic and Innovative Ways to Boost Internal Staff and Team Member Adoption of Bushel Tools

Beer:30 sponsored by CQG

Bushel's Customer Success Team

You’ve hung the posters. Put up the Facebook ad. Facilitated internal trainings for staff. How are you continuing to ensure you get the most ROI out of your Bushel experience? Hear success stories from Bushel's Customer Success Team as they share how they work with customers to drive internal staff and farmer adoption.


4:45             Closing Remarks 

Ryan Raguse, President (Bushel)

Let's wrap up the day and head to the evening networking shindig.

6-10:00pm           Shindig Party In Robert's Alley 

(Enter at 2nd Ave entrance)



As long as you're in Fargo, check out what other events are happening during Agtech week.

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