2023 Bushel Buddy Seat Recap

Save The Date: 2024 Bushel Buddy Seat Conference June 11 & 12

The 2023 Bushel Buddy Seat Conference was an event full of laughter, networking, and Bushel cheer. We are proud to connect our network of customers, partners, and staff, providing the latest updates on Bushel and insightful keynotes from industry thought leaders. Here is a recap of our 2023 Bushel Buddy Seat Sessions. 

Sustainable Agriculture

The USDA Climate-Smart Commodity grant program and corporate sustainability initiatives are offering financial incentives to farmers for adopting regenerative farming practices. But is it a case of "Mo' Money, Mo' Problems?" 

Farmer Panel 

Farmers might be living in the space age with some of the advancements brought on through agtech…but they’re living in the stone age for others. Why, in 2023, do farmers still need to get physical checks for grain?

Key Trends in Ag

Because change in agriculture can often seem slow and insignificant, it is important to step back on occasion and consider the big-picture changes.

Cybersecurity Keynote

Cyber attacks are on the rise, especially in the food supply chain. Cyber criminals are seeking weaknesses for many types of attacks including denial of service, theft of sensitive data and ransomware attacks.

Welcome to AI in Ag

In December 2022, OpenAI released ChatGPT to the public and the world of artificial intelligence changed overnight. We'll share what the Bushel team has learned about AI, what use cases are surfacing in agriculture, and what to be cautious of at your organizations with AI.

The Farmer Seat

Illinois farmer, Matt Perreault, is joined by Bushel's Director of Farm Success, Kellie Livernois, to share his experience with Bushel Farm, the tool he uses to track all of his financial inputs and outputs of his operation.

The Admin Seat

Mike Hainline from AGRIServices of Brunswick and Customer Success Manager, Matthias Valan, share how the Bushel platform helps to tackle daily administrative tasks, including digital payments. 

State of the Farm Report Peek

Sneak Peek! Hear helpful and interesting insights from 1,000+ farmers that participated in Bushel's 2023 State of Farm survey.

Customer Panel

Join a panel of Bushel’s customers as they discuss what keeps their business engaged with Bushel’s tools and what they are challenging Bushel to tackle next.

The Grain Originator Seat

Bushel's Director of Sales Enablement, Lacey Seibert, sits down alongside our customer, Tom Parchert of Big River Resources, to talk about the recipe for success when it comes to grain origination.

The Grain Merchandiser Seat

Colette Bersie, Product Manager at Bushel, and Neil Schuller from The Andersons discuss technology's role for today's grain merchandiser. 

The Ag Retailer Seat

Frontier Cooperative's Bryan Choutka is joined by Bushel's VP of Product, Mary Tangen to chat about how the Bushel platform can help strengthen ag retail businesses.